Reservation Information



Call us at 9064607044 with any questions. I gladly answer .

No mix breeds here !! No merle / new shades or any other trends such CAN NOT be registered as such worth ckc !!! Call ckc they will advise the only colours that can be registered with ckc are diluted / black and tan /liver !! These colours have been in the breed since the beginning, yes documented as well .

Holding fee 500$ applies to be on the waiting list .

Holding fee is fully refundable if for any reason we can’t provide you with a pupoy . It is not if you change your mind as we lost the opportunity to allow another family on the list .
We only take 4 reservations.

Genuine references can be provided anytime.

Visit  our Instagram page under Northenbullyes _French _Bulldogs you can see many videos of our past puppies and more pictures and videos of our .

All French bulldog puppies born here are placed on a ckc non breeding contract!

If you are looking for a well breed French bulldog , from healthy parents give us a call .